One of my favourite subreddits is called “Meal Time Videos” and it’s described as follows:

“You know when you sit down for a meal in front of the computer and you just need something new to watch for a bit while you eat? If you search /r/videos or other places, you’ll find mostly short videos. But while you’re eating, you don’t want to be constantly fumbling around with the mouse, loading video after video. You just want to click and consume.”

For today’s blog I wanted to combine this idea with presentation design, and bring to you a short clip from a Comedian named Don McMillan. Don McMillan is an American comedian from San Francisco California, and his comedy is stand-up based on technical comedy and corporate comedy. When I first saw this video I knew he had captured exactly what a bad presentation is, and being pretty darn funny is an added bonus. So grab yourself a snack, a drink and settle in for this short, funny and informative clip.

Happy Friday!