When I was starting out in the design industry, presentation design was something I didn’t think about much. But as I evolved as more of a designer, presentation design became more important to me. In fact, I far prefer creating a presentation over designing a poster, every time! I’ve tested dozens of sites and narrowed my list of resources down to four – ones that I feel any designer should use. Here is a list of my 4 best resources for presentation design.


My first best resource for presentation design definitely has to be a royalty-free image website. If you don’t know already, it’s a big no-no in the design world to take images from any google image search. Most have dubious usage rights, low quality and resolution, and are not something you want to use in a professional presentation. Enter: Unsplash. Unsplash allows you to search through hundreds of collections of high-resolution images on any topic you desire such as, business workspace, texture & patterns, or even puppies. You can quickly find the perfect photo for your next presentation completely free.

High Quality images are the key to creating an impactful, and memorable presentation. Just say no to low-res!

Capitalize My Title

The site name really says it all. I have to admit in all these years I’ve practiced and honed my skills in using my design software, I seem to never get any better at my grammar. I try guys, I try. Will I accidentally capitalize a letter here and there?YES. I HAVE A PROBLEM. Titles and headers in a presentation are vital, and are often the first thing a person’s eyes are drawn to on a slide. Capitalize My Title as simple as it is, is a huge help to make sure I haven’t missed a thing.

The Noun Project

Bullet points are dead. Okay, that might be a bit of a hyperbole, but for those looking to take their presentation’s to the next level, it’s all about icons. The Noun Project offers a community of designers from 120+ countries building the most diverse and extensive collection of iconography ever created. All in all, the Noun Project is a great resource for an assortment of icons that you can use in your next presentation. No matter what your niche may be, their designs can help inspire you to create a slide deck that will give your message the attention it deserves.

Slide Share

Need inspiration? Slide Share is a large library of presentations where people share ideas and designs. There is content on practically any subject imaginable and you can even save and download presentations through your Slide Share or LinkedIn account. Don’t forget the share part! Once you have created something beautiful, consider uploading back to the site to pay it forward to the next up and comers.

Presentation design doesn’t get much love these days, but it has an impact on how you’re perceived. With this list we hope you become more aware of the different resources available to you and we hope that you give your designs a little more thought than just some clipart for text and the first font in the drop down menu. Who knows, it might just have an impact on your business!



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