Beyond the anxiety of doing a presentation in the first place, there is nothing more uncomfortable than when you feel like you are “losing the room.” Wild Slide has put together 3 tips for keeping your Audience Engaged.

1. Tell a Story.

Your presentation isn’t just about the slides. Before working out how to visualize those stats and figures, think about the narrative and flow of your message. It is easier to retain information and keep eyes on you with a natural flowing story than disjointed facts. Think about it this way: why after all these years can you remember the basics of most fairy tales, but can’t remember what you had for breakfast two weeks ago? A narrative gives context, and context is easier to remember.

2. Ask Questions.

You teach by asking questions to the audience. Asking questions gives you the ability to shine attention on different people in the room, which thoroughly engages those individuals. People love to tell their own story, so ask them open-ended questions about their experiences.

3. Utilize Compelling Visuals.

I wouldn’t be a very good presentation designer if I didn’t mention this. A wall of text is so easy for the audience to glaze over, and it is important to know what key information needs to be to be on the slide to compliment what you are saying. Reading verbatim off of a poorly designed slide is a fast track to Snoozeville. Compelling colour theory, proper use of fonts, and hierarchy are all things to a presentation designer takes into account to make sure your content shines, but most importantly, is remembered.

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