The Typography of your presentation is a very exciting aspect to the visual art of creating a slide deck.

In presentations, we use font styles to bring forward our ideas but also to create a mood and convey an emotional response that puts our audience in a place they can be more receptive to our ideas. You can use a stylistic approach to design type that further enhances your structure and tells a story.

Here are three tips for choosing the right font and how to make sure you are hitting all the right marks.

1. Use a Legible Font

If you want to be read and understood quickly, you need to pick a font that is easy to read. Inconsistent sizes and unclear font shapes can make your message difficult to understand. With a legible font, you can be on your way to asserting your authority or presenting your point of view within seconds. Keep your eccentric fonts use to a minimum. Sticking to a standard, easy-to-read fonts (preferably sans-serif fonts) that are built in to PowerPoint will also minimize the risk of having your fonts substituted when sending to other people.

A few examples of some less legible letterforms.

2. Ensure Consistency

The best practice for presentation designing is to limit how many fonts you use in one design. Limiting any work to three fonts is a general rule that many designers live by because it helps to create a balanced, cohesive design. Establishing that consistency in font styling for your brands visuals is a great and easy way to let your audience know you and your message are also consistent, professional, and clear. Rather than using many different fonts to make your points stand out, try changing the font weight, boldness, italics and underlines for emphasis instead.

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3. Ask for Feedback

Font choice is an aspect of design that you are likely to miss on your own, and a second pair of eyes will allow you to see things you might have otherwise overlooked. And that’s what we are here for—to help you be the best designer you can be. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with anything else design related in your presentations. We’re here for you! Wild Slide not only creates unique and original designs for each client, but will gladly take a look at a presentation you have made to provide any updates to your already created content.

In the end, your goal should be to use a little creativity and not so much creativity that it distracts from your ideas. Choosing the right font in your slides can do just that. Hopefully these three tips will help you choose the right font in your next presentation or ensure you are selecting fonts that are consistently used throughout your project. Remember to have fun with typography and colour but to stay consistent as well!