Have You ever sat helplessly through a boring presentation that felt like it wouldn’t end? Have you spend too much time staring at the little orange icon on your desktop? Maybe you have a vision in your head and you just can’t quite get the computer to do what you want.

Wild Slide has put together 3 main benefits to why your business might hire a Professional Presentation Designer.

1. It saves you time.

There are many more steps than you would think when it comes to setting up an effective Powerpoint or webinar. For every one minute of presentation time, one hour of work in research and one hour of work for slide design is often required PER SLIDE. For a 20-slide, one-hr presentation, you would forecast 80 hours of work. Not a lot of business owners have the ability to put that much effort into something all while doing regular daily tasks. Outsourcing the design work can greatly increase your ability to get the important things done and focus on the content.

2. You make a better impression.

Your presentation is an extension of your brand, and a bad or boring representation of your business could cost you clients (and more importantly, money.) Hiring a professional designer who understands the importance of good design can convert and push more people through your sales funnel or achieve what ever the main objective of the presentation may be.

3. Good design is more effective.

Good presentation designers are experts in what people actually pay attention to. We have studied not only the ins and outs of our design programs, but what the meaning of all these design decisions and how the audience responds to them. We take your content and present it to the crowd so you can be confident that you have left a lasting impression and created a memorable moment. This can be even mores important for things like safety meetings, regulations, and important data retention.

I started Wild Slide Presentation Design with an eagerness to destroy bad design, but along the way I had to learn what good design really is and why it is important. I look forward to exploring many aspects of design and my musings on it in this blog and thank you for joining me on this ride. One of my key values and commitments is for every client to feel like they had high-touch customer service with nothing less than exactly what they envisioned. If this sounds like something your business needs contact me today and I’m excited to work together to create something beautiful.